InvisiBeatz Earbuds

InvisiBeatz Earbuds

Wireless Headphone Wherever You Go!

InvisiBeatz Earbuds are one of the most comfortable earbuds our there! They also come in multiple fun colors for the summer! The earbuds offer a crisp, clear voice quality for when you are on a phone call or just enjoying your favorite music! The long battery life and small case make it perfect to take them anywhere. They even have a Double noise reduction design to filter out unwanted sounds our annoyances. InvisiBeatz gives you a truly remarkable wireless experience, but at a price that everybody can afford. Click on the image below to check out the low prices and how you can order yours today!InvisiBeatz Earbuds

InvisiBeatz Earbuds

InvisiBeatz Earbuds are easy to use. You press the touch sensors on both earbuds (5 seconds) until the red and blue lights flash. They instantly connect any device that has Bluetooth enabled which include laptops, smart TV’s tablets and phones for so many different uses. The earbuds are specially molded to fit the contour of all ear types and stay firmly in place in all conditions like when you run, sweat, or if you get stuck in the rain. You might even forget that you have anything in your ears. Click on the image to order your sleek and stylish wireless head phones.

Earbud Features

The InvisiBeatz Earbuds are available to 6 different fun colors to match your style or personality. You will be able to stand out from the crown with the fun colors. They come in White, Black, Navy, Light Blue, Pink and Grey. Personally, I like both of the blues. InvisiBeatz are also made with superior quality, they don’t break after a few months like the other brands. They have a long battery life for a long weekend. The case also holds a charge which charges them every time you put them back. You use them at any time and everywhere since they are also waterproof. Read the InvisiBeatz Earbuds Reviews to find out all the other amazing features!

InvisiBeatz Earbuds Price

Get comfortable, light weight, stylish and quality wireless earbuds but with out the names brand prices. The more earbuds you buy the cheaper they are per a pair. You can buy in bulk and save money on your pair while having gifts for your friends and family! I have listed the price break down for you to see.  Also, prices might very because they are only sold online which means they can change the prices at any time.

  • 1 Invisi Beatz Cost Only $39.99/ea
    • (Usually $159.99)
  • 2 InvisiBeatz – $73.98 Free Shipping – $36.99/ea
    • (Usually $313.98)
  • 3 InvisiBeatz – $101.97 Free Shipping – $33.99/ea
    • (Usually $461.97)
  • 4 InvisiBeatz – $127.96 Free Shipping – $31.99/ea
    • (Usually $607.96)

With each InvisiBeatz Bluetooth Headphones you will get a right and left wireless earbud along with the Rechargeable carrying case which will help you not loss them.

Order Invisi Beatz Earbuds Today!

If you order your earbuds today, you can get your order in 3 days or less! Click on the order now image to get direct to placing your order in. Also, if you don’t like them you can just send them back because they are back by a 30-day money back guarantee. Finally, listen to music the right way and whenever or wherever you want!