Sphero R2D2 Review

Sphero R2D2 Review

*Waves Hand* These are the droids you’re looking for. Have you ever wanted your very own R2D2? Well, now, you can. The folks over at Sphero have recreated your favorite Star Wars droid, and now he can waddle around your house protecting it from the Empire. Whether it’s for yourself or the Star Wars fan in your life, the Sphero R2D2 might be your new favorite toy, or the best gift you’ve ever given. We’ve taken a good look at this little guy, and in our Sphero R2D2 Review, we’ll tell you everything you need to know, it’s specs, features, and what users are saying about it. Ready to get started? Bleep Bloop Squeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Sphero R2D2 Review Specs

  • Dimensions: 2 x 4.2 x 6.5 inches
  • Weight: 1 pound
  • Charge Time: One hour before recharge needed
  • Compatibility: iOS and Android
  • Top Speed:5 mph
  • Charge Cable: USB

Sphero R2D2 Review Features

  • Bipod and Tripod Stance
  • Emotive Movement
  • LED Lights
  • Authentic Sound Design
  • Interaction With Other Sphero Droids
  • Customizable With Javascript Text
  • Controllable
  • Can Make sounds and React Corresponding to the Star Wars Film You’re Watching

Sphero R2D2 Review User Reviews

Roughly 80% of the reviews we found for this little guy were positive. While it may seem like a children’s toy, it seems that adult Star Wars fans find the little droid both fun and charming. Here and there, there are negative reviews, but people’s problems are not with the droid, but with the app that controls the droid. Some users found it wasn’t very easy to use or didn’t work quite the way they wanted. That said, these people are in the minority, and most users love Sphero’s R2D2.

Sphero R2D2 Review Summary

As a whole, we’d have to give this product a firm recommendation. There are two drawbacks that we should probably mention. One is the price tag. These little guys run for $75 on Amazon. The other is that they seem to be in high demand. It’s not just R2D2 that Sphero makes. They also make a BB-8 and BB-9E (the evil version of BB-8 from The Last Jedi) model. All three models are sold out on the Sphero website (when we checked). They’re still available on Amazon, but who knows how long the supplies will last. The bottom line is that we definitely recommend this little droid. There’s a reason supplies are running out.

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