Pioneer Rayz Plus Review

Pioneer Rayz Plus Review

THE FUTURE IS NOW!!! At least you’re supposed to feel like it is with Pioneer’s new line of headphones, the Rayz Plus. These things boast some impressive features, so we did some digging to see if they really can do everything that Pioneer claims they can pull off. What they’ve attempted here is to create the ultimate smart device headphones, including every feature you could possible think of all in one device. Like we said, the future is now! In our Pioneer Rayz Plus Review, we’ll tell you the basics of these headphones, detail their features and give you the rundown on what users are saying about them. Ready? Let’s go!

Pioneer Rayz Plus Review – The Basics

You’ve already got a smart phone or device, and we all know what those devices are capable of. Smart headphones, on the other hand, are a bit of a new territory that Pioneer is crossing into with their Rayz and Rayz Plus devices. They’re designed to do everything that you would normally have to do manually for you automatically. Imagine all the features you would think a pair of smart headphones could have. These have the features you just thought of plus more. The questions ahead of us is, can this device actually do all those things?

Pioneer Rayz Plus Review – The Features

  • Smart Noise Cancelling – Noise cancellation adapts to your surroundings allowing you to focus on what you’d like.
  • Smart Mute – When you aren’t speaking, your microphone is muted, so the person you’re talking to doesn’t hear excess noise.
  • Auto-Pause – When the headphones are removed from a device, music or video is paused, so that you don’t miss a thing… because like Aerosmith, you don’t wanna miss a thiiiiiing.
  • Smart Button – You can bring up the headphones app with just the touch of a single button.
  • Personalization App – This allows you to customize everything from EQs to every one of the other features on this list, so you can activate the things you want and deactivate the things you don’t.
  • Compact Design – You might think that all these features would make for a bulky design, but no, not at all. They’re as compact as any headphones you’ve seen, simple earbuds with a small remote on the cord.

Pioneer Rayz Plus Review – User Reviews

These headphones are very highly rated. Are there some negative reviews? Yes, but we noticed something about them. Each negative review seemed to be focused on one of the features, but there’s no consistency between which feature. To us, that means that while every now and then, a pair ends up defective (as is the case with all tech devices). We also noticed that in each case of a negative review, the Pioneer team reached out to the consumer and invited them to work out a solution and resolve the problem with their headphones. That’s the kind of customer service we like to see.

Pioneer Rayz Plus Review – Summary

In the end, we’re going to recommend these headphones. Do they work perfectly all the time? No. Are they more likely to work perfectly than to be defective? Yes, it looks like they are. If they are defective, will Pioneer help you out to the best of their ability? Yes, it looks like they will. Our only reservation about them is the price tag (they run about $130), but for headphones that do as much as these do, that’s not the worst thing in the world.

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