Motiv Fitness Ring Review

Motiv Fitness Ring Review

Fitness is everything these days. It seems everyone is tracking their activity levels and whether it’s to lose weight or just to kick your fitness into high gear, there are devices out there designed to help you along the way. The Motiv Fitness Ring is one such device. It’s an activity/fitness tracker. In our Motiv Fitness Ring Review, we’ll take a close look at this product, so you can see if it’s right for you. We’ll tell you all about its features, price and even compare it to other fitness trackers on the market.

Motiv Fitness Ring Review – Product Basics

This is a small, discreet, and easy to use fitness and activity tracker. We’ll tell you a little more about the specifications and features in a bit, but the basics of the Motiv Fitness Ring are that it’s essentially a Fitbit that you wear on your finger. It comes in three colors (silver, rose-gold, and black) and is lightweight. The tech is a virtually the same as any fitness tracker. Those are the basics.

Motiv Fitness Ring Review – Specifications

  • 3-Day Battery Life
  • 90- Minute Charge Time
  • iOS and Android Compatible
  • 7 Different Sizes
  • Waterproof up to 165 Feet
  • Lightweight Titanium

Motiv Fitness Ring Review – Features

  • Tracks Active Heart Rate
  • Monitors Sleep and Sleep Patterns
  • Tracks Activity (Steps, Running, Workout Time)
  • Syncs With Motiv App (Data Available on Smart Device)

Motiv Fitness Ring Review – Why a Ring?

Why would one prefer a ring to a watch or wristband? Good question. For one thing, some people like their watch or want to wear a bracelet. Also, devices like the Fitbit vibrate or make sounds. This ring is for those that don’t want to be bothered by their fitness tracker. It’s so small and light that you may not even notice it’s there. The data all gets streamed to the app on your smart device, and you can check it at your leisure. It’s also for those that have a parent that keeps asking when they’re going to get married. Now you’ve got a fake wedding ring! Take that, Mom and Dad! Of course, this product doesn’t come with a fake significant other, but we trust you to improvise.

Motiv Fitness Ring Review – Summary

When it comes to your tracker, you’ve got a lot of choices. Most of them will be attached to your wrist, and this is another option. If you don’t want to walk around as an advertisement for Fitbit, this may be for you. Some people don’t want everyone to know they’re working on their fitness, and this little gadget is as discreet as they come. You can visit the Motiv website here. If you order one of these from the website, it’ll cost $200, but you can find cheaper alternatives (psst, Amazon). Thanks for reading and stay healthy out there!

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