Anker PowerCore Review

Anker PowerCore Review

There’s nothing worse than looking at your phone and seeing 2% in the upper right corner. It instills a sense of panic and despair. Life becomes a race against the clock to make it to the nearest power source. As sweat forms on your brow, and your heart starts beating at a rate more suited to hummingbirds, you frantically try to find an outlet. You’re down to 1% and suddenly life seems meaningless. If you don’t find that outlet soon, your phone will die and you’ll have to hold a funeral for it and tell its next of kin the sad news. Then it happens – it dies. Before you prepare the twenty-one-gun salute, what if there was a way to prevent this whole thing from happening. Today, we’re doing an Anker PowerCore review. These portable batteries are for anyone that wants to avoid the sad death of their phone.

Anker PowerCore Review – The Basics

These are easy to use, portable batteries that fit right in your pocket. Phone getting low on charge? No problem! Just take out your Anker PowerCore and plug your phone in – problem solved. They come in a number of varieties (which we’ll detail in a moment), but save for their seriously heavy-duty one, they’ll all fit in your pocket, backpack, messenger bag, or your old phone’s casket.

Anker PowerCore Review – Varieties

  • PowerCore 500 – One to Two phone charges, very small, very portable, and the cheapest of them all.
  • PowerCore Fusion – Plugs right into an outlet, small and square.
  • PowerCore Slim 5000 – Just like the 5000, but with a sleek, slim design.
  • PowerCore+ Mini – Smaller than the 5000, but designed for specific phones, so make sure you check to make sure your device is compatible.
  • PowerCore Lite 10,000mAh – High capacity and quick acting for the true emergency.
  • PowerCore Lite 20,000mAh – Higher capacity and slightly more expensive. This can charge multiple devices.
  • PowerCore II 10,000 – Like the Lite 10,000, but with a more compact and portable design.
  • PowerCore 13400 Nintendo Switch Edition – This one was custom made for the Nintendo Switch as the name would imply. It can also charge other devices, but if there’s a Switch in your house, and you want it to stay charged, this is the one for you.
  • PowerHouse 120,000 – This bad boy holds 24 phone charges, 10 tablet charges, 6.5 laptop charges and can power a mini fridge for over 7 hours. Is it easily portable like the other devices? No, but it’ll make sure you’ve got a charge!

Anker PowerCore Review – Results

We tried to find negative reviews of these products… and while there are a few out there, they are extremely rare! It seems almost every User that orders one of these is extremely happy with them. Not only that, but it seems every time that someone is unhappy with the product, Anker has reached out to resolve the issue. The PowerCores are relatively cheap by tech standards. They’re easy to use, and people love them. We honestly can’t recommend these products enough. Go out and get one today! You can visit the Anker website, or they’re available form Amazon if you so choose.

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