Red 5 Gadgets

Red 5 Gadgets

Today, we’ll be looking into Red 5 gadgets. If you’re not familiar with Red 5, they are a company that’s paired with the brand Menkind based in England. You can visit their website here. Basically, they make small tech gadgets and novelty items. We’ll tell you about some of their items so you can decide for yourself if you want to buy them. One thing we can tell you right now is that the prices of all these items is relatively inexpensive for people in England. We’re not sure what the shipping cost across the pond is, but the devices range from £5 to the most expensive being £149.99. The shipping cost may be the most expensive part of any transaction you have with them. Now, let’s get on to the devices.

Red 5 Gadgets – The Products

  • 6 Different Drones (£19.99 – £149.99) – From easy to control drones for beginners, to more advanced level, longer range drones, Red 5 gadgets have something for every level of enthusiast.
  • 5 Different R/C Cars (£19.99 – £69.99) – Looking for speed? They’ve got it. Looking for one that climb rocks? They’ve got it. How about one that turns into a helicopter. Yup, they’ve got that too.
  • Mini Arcade Machine (£14.99) – They’re not very big, but they’ve got some classic games in the vein of Tetris and others that you’d be able to play on a screen that’s about 2 inches wide.
  • Mega Glider (£14.99) – If you hate kites, but you love watching things fly through the sky, the Mega Glider is the answer to your prayers.
  • Retro Pocket Arcade (£4.99) – This little device contains twenty-six different types of games and 9,999 levels across them. It may be small, but it’ll test your gaming skills.
  • Mini Helicopters (£14.99) – It’s like a helicopter… but small… and controlled by you instead of a professional or military personnel.
  • Action Camera (£34.99) – This is basically a GoPro at a fraction of the cost. For the casual extreme sports enthusiast, this may just the gift for them.
  • Free Fly Intelligent Aircraft (£9.99) – Honestly, we’re not really sure what this is. The website makes it sound like a paper airplane took steroids and became self-aware. Sounds interesting at the very least, right?
  • BB Gun (£14.99) – This is a BB gun. Shoot your friends and family without the consequence of legal action!

Red 5 Gadgets Review

Do you need any of these? No, not at all… not even kind of. That said, Red 5 is not trying to sell necessary products. They’re selling novelties and fun. Honestly, the one that looks the worst is the pocket arcade which seems like it’s too small to be any fun and it doesn’t have any recognizable games. The rest of them could be a blast for a while. Again, we can’t vouch for shipping costs, but the price points seem more than reasonable. A lot of these gadgets would make excellent stocking stuffers or gag-gifts. Check them out with the link in the first paragraph.

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