Best TV Brands

Best TV Brands

If you’ve been to any store, online or otherwise, you know that there are a lot of TVs on the market. Some might argue too many. Don’t worry though. That’s what we’re here for. If you’re in the market for a new TV, it can be intimidating. Which one do you choose? Which brands are reliable? Are any of them actually worse than any others? That’s why we made this little guide about the Best TV Brands.

What you’re looking for from a TV can be largely subjective, but we’re going to point you in the right direction. When looking for the Best TV Brand of 2019, there are a lot of things to consider. We’re going to go through them one by one, and by the end of this guide, you’ll have a much better idea which brand you’d like to add to your living room today! If you’re ready to get started, so are we, so let’s go!

Best TV Brands Basics

When you’re looking to add a TV to your house, you need to analyze what your priorities are. There’s a lot to consider about what you’re new TV has to offer. Here’s what we considered when we assembled this list of the Best TV Brands:

  • Available Size
  • Picture Quality
  • Sound Quality
  • Smart Features
  • Number of Inputs
  • Product Design

During our analysis, we took into account all of these things and all models that the companies produce. We’ll make general statements about what most of the models featured. While there may be one or two exception models, this is a general outlook of what each company offers in their TVs.

Best TV Brands LG

We’ll just get this out of the way in case you don’t want to read the whole article, LG and Samsung were our favorite brands. As far as LG goes, the picture was crisp and clear. It handled motion on screen better than many of the other brands we looked at. Some models lacked amazing sound quality, but it wasn’t so severe as to be distracting. The models’ designs are all sleek and modern. LG TVs also feature the most inputs of any company, so if you have multiple devices, these are the TVs for you.

Best TV Brands Sony

Sony succeeds in the size department. They made the largest TV we found at 85”. Anything bigger than that probably requires a projector. Picture quality was pretty good, but some models didn’t handle motion as well as others. Sound is decent but nothing to write home about. Smart features work great. Their designs are slick but a slightly more bulky than other companies.

Best TV Brands Samsung

As we said, Samsung, and LG were our personal favorites when it comes to the TV department. We loved the designs that Samsung came up with. Their picture quality can’t be matched, even when handling motion. Sound is better than most other brands. Our biggest problem is that there were enough HDMI/4K inputs. If you have more than 2 devices, you’re kind of out of luck. Get ready to start switching manually.

Best TV Brands TCL

Of our top brands, this one is the weakest overall (in our opinion). It’s not that TCL TVs are bad. They just don’t measure up to the competition. If you’re on a budget and you find a cheaper TCL, by all means, get it. Here’s our take: Picture quality is fine, but not as good as competition, particularly when it comes to handling motion. Sound quality is relatively good. Smart features are a kind of clunky and slow to respond. They work, but they’re just not the best.

Best TV Brands Summary

In the end, we recommend either an LG or a Samsung. It boils down to the relatively small issue of how many inputs you want. If you’ve got a lot of devices, LG is the brand for you. If you want that extra bump in picture quality, Samsung is the brand you’re looking for. Again, this all breaks down to a matter of subjective taste, so visit an electronics store and check some of the TVs out for yourself. We’re just trying to help.

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