Fever Sense Ring

Fever Sense Ring

Newest and Easiest Way To Take Your Temperature! Knowing if you are hot or not is knowing your health. It helps you when to seek treatment by monitoring your body temperature. Fever Sense Ring can make that easier than ever. It is as simple as wearing and checking your watch. Care for your family and … Read moreFever Sense Ring

BreatheX Pro Mask

BreatheX Pro

Protect Yourself From Bacteria! It is hard to protect yourself from everything in the air when you can’t even see it, that is why BreatheX Pro Mask is the solution. Finally, be able to protect yourself from combat harmful bacteria, germs, pollen, smoke, dust, cigarettes, viruses and other particles in the air. In the cities … Read moreBreatheX Pro Mask

Jive Mini Pods

Listen To Music Anywhere You Go With The BEST Earbuds! Jive Mini Earbuds is sweat and waterproof. It was vote “Best Sound Quality 2020.” They are comfortable for everyday use and super lightweight that you will forget you are even wearing them. They are also fitted perfectly so you don’t have to worry about then … Read moreJive Mini Pods