StrikeLight Tactical Flashlight

StrikeLight Tactical Flashlight

Dare To Be Adventurous!

Do you ever wondered what would happen if you combined a baton and a tactical flashlight? Well wonder no more. The Strikelight Tactical Flashlight or torch whatever you prefer is an absolute monster of a home defense flashlight. If you have and intruder in your home you can not only see them, scare them, blind them for a bit and/or even hit them with it. You could even keep it in your vehicle as a self-defense weapon and a back-up flashlight for emergencies. It has all the features of a tactical flashlight combined with an extendable security baton. Click on order now to see the crazy low deals they have going on now!StrikeLight Tactical Flashlight Product

How StrikeLight Tactical Flashlight Works

Strike Light Tactical Flashlight is powerful and effective flashlight with three different light functions. It has full brightness which is the strongest function and it works as a blinding light so that you can divert attackers when they are nearby. Some attackers may even interpret the light as that of security personnel, which makes it even more likely that they will back away. The second function is half power can be use it for lighting up a pathway. You can use the half power function to illuminate a space when necessary. The last function is strobe lights. Strobe lights flashes on and off and it works well to deter those in the space around you or to have a party.

Strike Light Tactical Features

The Strikelight is a baton-like and light weight device that is made out of solid aluminum. It can protect you from an attacker by harming them just enough for you to get away. It is also, a great and powerful flashlight with different light settings. The multiple use makes it a great product to take with you on your adventures or if you are just working outside and need a flashlight. Below I have list some of the amazing features.

  • ​Super Bright 600 lumens LED Emitter!
  • ​Aircraft Grade Aluminum Body
  • ​Quick baton extension
  • ​Sharp Bevel Edge For Defense
  • ​Glass Breaker
  • ​3 Light Functions (Full, Half, & Strobe)
  • ​Powered By 3 x AA Lithium Batteries
  • ​Adjustable Light Zoom (Zoom Up To 1300ft!)
  • ​Stainless & Rustproof
  • ​Wide Fin Heat Disbursement
  • Light Weight

Why Buy StrikeLight Tactical?

Not only is StrikeLight and amazing flashlight but it can do more that just shed light on things. It is great to have in your car just incase you get caught in the dark or need a little more light to look at your vehicle to fix it. The flashlight is the ultimate tool for survival if someone is trying to attach you. You can extend the flashlight and use it more like a baton for hitting someone. The front of the flashlight is uneven and a little pointing for gabbing someone that is trying to hurt you, or you can even flash them in the eyes with the powerful light. It would be a great gift for someone that like to travel or someone that is just going off to college.

StrikeLight Tactical Flashlight Reviews/Price

StrikeLight Tactical Flashlight is one of the best flashlights out there. Here is a list of a few great things people loved about it.

  • Much wider than any other flashlight
  • Top quality product
  • Delivered promptly
  • Impressed with the quality
  • Strikelight is solid
  • Reasonable prices
  • And More!

Read the reviews for yourself and find out even more about the flashlights.

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How To Get StrikeLight Tactical Flashlight?

Click on the image in the text to get direct to the site to place your order. You can even get a free Evatac Q5 Mini Tactical flashlights when you order more than one strikelight for a limited time! They also offer 100% money back guarantee for 60 days so you can try it out and make sure you love it.