Pulse Mini Pods Earbuds

Pulse Mini Pods Earbuds

Wireless Music Wherever You Go!

Are you looking for light weight, comfortable, long lasting wireless earbuds? Pulse Mini Pods Earbuds are that and so much more! They give you the freedom of wireless earbuds with the amazing quality that you are looking for. Take them wherever you go since they are small and supper light weight. The earbuds are waterproof and can go farther than ever from your pairing device. With new technology and amazing battery and charging abilities you might not ever use any other earbuds or headphones again! Click below and order now and see what wireless earbuds should sound like!Pulse Mini Pods Earbuds

How Does Pulse Mini Pods Earbuds Work

The wireless ear buds use the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology with faster 2x transfer speed and more farther connection distance. Pulse Mini Pods can go 33ft to 50ft from you phone and still have perfect quality which can give you more freedom than ever before. Most of the other wireless earbuds can only go 10 or 20 feet away. You can be working outside and have your phone charging inside. This will also, helps you never miss a call again! the in-ear noise cancelling stereo headset is also great because it eliminates any background sounds so that you can attend calls and listen to music the right way! Order now and get the freedom and comfort that the Pulse wireless earbuds have to offer!

Pulse Mini Pods Earbuds Features

The Pulse Mini Pods Wireless Earbuds has multiple convent and cool features. You can answer calls, pause music, skip songs and increase volume with just a tapping on the side of them. They are light weight which makes them easy to fit in your pocket or purse to have everywhere and anywhere you want. I have listed below some of the other great features.


  • Crystal Clear Sound
  • Instant Bluetooth Pairing System
  • Binaural Stereo Effect with 3D Sound
  • Waterproof technology
  • Beamforming Noise reduction Technology
  • No Cords to Get Tangled in
  • Gets a 2 Hour Charge in 15 Minutes
  • Battery Lasts 30 Hours with Extra Battery pack
  • Phone Monitor for Battery Life

Why Buy Earbuds

Wireless ear buds have so many uses than just listening to music. With the Pulse Mini Pods you can take phone calls hands free with crystal clear sound. Also, with these earbuds you won’t get tangled in any cords and you don’t have to have your phone close to you. You can even where them and not listen to any thing since they are so comfortable and light weight. The earbuds help drown out the noise around you and even deter people from coming up and talking to you. It might even work with the kids! You can read the Pulse Mini Pods review to find out more!

Order Pulse Mini Earbuds

If you want to order these amazing earbuds for the lowest price, click on the order now image. You will be amazed on how much you love them and how much you use them. They are going fast since it’s the season to get out and enjoy the weather so don’t wait or they will run out. Finally, realize why so many people have wireless earbuds! Listen to what ever you want where every you want! You will be hearing things in a whole new way!