Mini Travel Iron

Mini Travel Iron

Perfect Iron To Travel With!

Do you hate having wrinkly clothes on vacations and even in all the pictures that you take? Or are you a quilter that likes to bring your hobby every where you go but don’t want to lug around a heavy and bulky iron? Mini Travel Iron can be perfect for you! Get the perfect look that you are looking for in your clothes or in your projects. Best of all have more room in your suite case to add any last-minute things. Click on the image below to see how much the Mini Travel Iron cost and how to get it!Mini Travel Iron

Mini Travel Iron

Travel irons provide on-the-go ironing- great for frequent travelers and crafts hobbyists. The miniature travel irons all have adjustable temperature ranges and feature dual voltage systems so they can work in foreign countries’ outlets. It even has six different ironing functions to adapt the temperature for the different types of fabrics. The small size mean that you can transport it and take it anywhere you go. Also, the palm-sized handle is innovatively help to smoothly iron your pants and dresses. The mini traveling iron is the portable iron that is revolutionizing the world of ironing. Don’t miss out on this amazing offer!


The mini iron has a lot of cool or should I say hot features to it! The incredibly small size is obviously one of the major features, but I have included some of the other below.

  • Quick Heat Up Technology
  • Compact
  • Extra Long Power Cord
  • Multiple Heat Settings
  • Quick Heat Up Time
  • Convenient Design
  • Quality Materials
  • Light Weight
  • Can fit in your hand

Read the Mini Travel Iron Reviews to find out even more on how well it works for travel.

Mini Iron Price

The prices can vary depending on supply and demand. Also, they can vary if you buy in bulk. They more that you buy, the more that you save. Get 50% off or more! I have listed the current pricing for buy one or more at a time.

  • 1 mini travel iron $85
  • 2 miniture travel iron $155 ($ 77.50 a unit)
  • 3 mini iron $205 ($ 68.33 a unit)

Buy multiple portable traveling irons to give away for gifts and save even more! Also, if you are lucky you might even be able to get free shipping. You can also add on a 1 or even a 2 year warranty.

Where to Get Mini Travel Iron

You can click on image on the page in the text. It will direct you to ordering. You won’t find a better Mini Travel Iron price anywhere else. The offer is exclusive, and you will only find it online so don’t want to long because supplies may run out. Get your perfect look every time when you travel with and iron. Never have wrinkled clothes on a trip again! Or get all the projects to look just right!