EcoServe Power Saver

EcoServe Power Saver

Instantly Reduce Your Bill!

With working and being at home more than ever you might have notice that your electric bill has increase greatly. With little money coming in you want to save as much as you can. With EcoServe Power Saver you can up to 90% of your electric bill. That might seem crazy, but once you realize how it works, it’s not all that crazy. You don’t even have to change any of you power using habits. Click on the image below to order and learn more! Also, find out how you can save money on the Eco Power Saver!Eco Serve Power Saver

How EcoServe Power Saver Work

EcoServe Power Saver optimizes and improves your power. It captures and straightens the current energy that would be lost otherwise. To get the best results you want 1 devise for every 500 square feet that you have in your home. For example, if you a have 1,600 square feet home you want 4 devises. It is best to round up rather than down otherwise you could be miss some of the current. Also, you want to make sure that it is as far away as possible from each other. Lastly, it is good to have one next to your breaker box if possible. For more information on where to put them and how to set it up you can read the box. Click and find our how much money you could be saving every month!


The Eco Serve Power Saver is great for any house, apartment, restaurant, office, factory, garage and any where else you use electrical appliances. I have listed below a few features and benefits of the Eco power save. However, if you want to find out more you can read the EcoServe Power Saver Reviews.

  • Easy To Use
  • Save 60%-90% Electrical Consumption
  • Decrease Electrical Bill
  • Small and Light Weight
  • Balance the Current
  • Can Stop Electrical Overheating
  • Goes with Any Décor
  • Good for Every 500 Sqft
  • Fire-Proof and Explosion-Proof Material
  • Safe and Reliable
  • Internal Leakage Protection
  • Surge Protection
  • Requires Little To No Energy Consumption

EcoServe Power Saver Price

The Power saving price depends on how many you buy. Like everything else, the more you buy the more you save!

Price base on quantiy:

  • 1 Eco Saver Cost $39.98 plus shipping and handling
  • 2 EcoSaver Cost $59.97 Free shipping and handling
  • 3 EcoSaver Cost $79.96
  • 5 EcoSaver Cost $149.93
  • 10 EcoSaver Price $279.86
  • 15 Eco Saver Price $389.81
  • 20 Eco Saver $479.76

It is free shipping and handling if you buy 2 or more Eco Savers.

Order Eco Serve Power Saver

If you would like to order you EcoServe Energy Saver, click on the picture in the text. It will bring you to the company website to order. Order now before supplies are gone because people and companies are ordering in bulk and saving even more! The Company is even offer a lifetime warranty plus a result guaranteed promise on the product. Don’t miss out on this amazing offer to help save money.