Blaux Wearable Air Conditioner

Blaux Wearable Air Conditioner

Stay Cool With A Personal AC!

Do you enjoy the summer and being outside, but don’t like the heat? Blaux Wearable Air Conditioner can help. It is a portable like weight Air Conditioner that you just place around your neck. Blaux Wearable AC can be used outdoors or indoors, and from the comfort of your own home, office, vacation or anywhere you want to take it. Also, it runs for 30 hours per charge and is very easy to clean and care for! It is a breakthrough in personal cooling technology. It will produce a steady stream of cool clean air. Finally, enjoy the summer like you have never before.  Click the image to order now and stay cool and comfortable wherever you are!Blaux Wearable Air Conditioner

How Blaux Wearable Air Conditioner Works

Blaux Wearable AC works by using a combination of thermal electric cooling, back cooling vents, positional air flow, and an ionizer fan chamber (plus build-in filters) to effectively cool down your body and purify the air you’re breathing. Blaux not only keeps you cool but the cool is is purified It filters the air around you, effectively reducing pollen, dust, and pollutants you may encounter. This breakthrough invention is traveling around, and now people all over US are buying and using it.

Blaux Wearable Air Conditioner Features

Blaux Wearable AC wraps comfortably around your neck. It is you can easily adjust the fan speed and air flow with press of a button. You can fit the device into your bag or carry it with ease on vacation or even to an outdoor party. I have listed the key features below.

  • 3 Fan Speed Modes
  • Easy to Clean and Care
  • Compact and Convenient
  • USB-C charging with 30 Hours Runtime Per Charge
  • Simple To Use
  • Filters dust particles in the air
  • Cord-free operation
  • One Size Fits All

You can learn more by reading the Blaux Wearable Air Conditioner Reviews. Have the comfort of the indoors with the beauty and fresh air of the outdoors. Don’t wait any longer

Why Buy Blaux Wearable Air Conditioner

With summer hitting and big heat waves just around the corner Blaux Wearable AC will keep you cool, and comfortable. For a limited time, you can get it for almost 50% off. You will be able to escape the heat and feel cool and comfortable wherever you are! Just because it is hot out it doesn’t mean that you have to be hot and sweeting. Enjoy consistent, trouble-free performance throughout the longest, hottest days. Finally, enjoy summer without sweating and stressing under the pounding heat.

How To Order Blaux Wearable AC

If you would like to order you own Blaux Wearable Air Conditioner, click on the picture in the text that says, “order now”. You will be directed to the company website to order directly from them and get the best prices possible. Order now before they run out! People are saving big and ordering in bulk for friends and family. Don’t miss out having a cool and comfortable summer!