Best Smart Home Devices 2019

Best Smart Home Devices 2019

Best SmartHome Devices 2019

Are you ready to take YOUR home into the future this year? Us too. And we’ve found the 5 best smart home devices of 2019. From  home security to lighting systems to magic mirrors (well, maybe not magic, but pretty close). We’re going to walk you through our picks for best smart home devices 2019.

SimpliSafe Security

If you listen to podcasts, you’ve probably heard advertisements for SimpliSafe Security. This home security system is the fastest growing home security system at the moment. They offer home security you can self-install at home, and say they cut out the markup so you can keep you and your family safe. With several packages with features ranging from 24/7 alarm monitoring to smoke detection to sirens, this is definitely one of our best smart home devices 2019.

Amazon Echo

Amazon has released a second generation version of their Alexa-equipped Echo speaker, and it’s now better than ever. That definitely has it coming in at one of the best smart home devices of 2019. This speaker allows you to play music, search the internet, create to-do lists, shop online, check out the weather, and control other smart home products with just your voice! This just might be the ultimate smart home device of the year, especially if you already own some other smart home devices.

Lifx Mini Wi-Fi Smart Bulb

This amazing smart light bulb connects to an app on your phone in order to instantly transform your space by changing lighting colors. These bulbs have the capacity for over 16 million colors, so you can create any fantasy you imagine! Create the perfect lighting in any room with the touch of a button on your phone. You can also connect these bulbs with leading smart home devices (like Alexa) so you can control your lights from anywhere. These bulbs are compact, easy to use, and offer a HUGE variety of lighting options, which is why we’re including them among the best smart home devices of 2019!

Simple Sensor Mirror Hi-Fi Assist

This mirror comes equipped with Google Assistant, which means you can say “Hey Google” and have access to weather updates, news recordings, and even order products through google’s ordering service. You can also download the companion app in order to customize the settings of this mirror further. We go to our mirror every morning, so we’re obsessed with the idea of being able to hear our morning news while we get ready for the day. This product isn’t available yet, but we’re anxiously awaiting its release!


KitchenAid Smart Display

Attention, foodies! We couldn’t make a list of the best smart home devices of 2019 without including the KitchenAid Smart Display tablet. Also equipped with Google Assistant, this display allows you to look up new recipes, watch YouTube recipes and tutorials, order groceries, and more! You can also upgrade to their premium (or should we say premiYUM) Yummly Pro service to watch step-by-step tutorials by famous chefs! And you never have to worry about getting it dirty or wet. It has an IPX-5 water resistance rating. That means you can clean it off under running water, no problem!

What do you think are the best smart home devices of 2019? Leave your opinion below! We want to check out YOUR favorite devices for your home. Who knows, maybe they’ll make our next list!

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