Jive Mini Pods

Jive Mini Pods

Listen To Music Anywhere You Go With The BEST Earbuds!

Jive Mini Earbuds is sweat and waterproof. It was vote “Best Sound Quality 2020.” They are comfortable for everyday use and super lightweight that you will forget you are even wearing them. They are also fitted perfectly so you don’t have to worry about then sliding out when you are running in the rain or sweating as you work out. You don’t even need to use your phone to control the Jive Earbuds because you can just tap the sides to answer phone calls, and play and pause music, skip songs, and increase or decrease the volume. The earbuds are compatible with all tablets, laptops & Smart TVs and phones. Don’t miss out and order yours today!

Jive Mini Pods

Jive Mini Pod:

The mini earbuds have new technology that allows them to last longer than most other ear buds. They can last up to 30 hours on a single charge. Also, one the charge runs out you can just put them back into the case since the case can also hold a charge before you have to charge it back up. The quick charge 3.0 technology allows it to charge fast once you do have to charge it. Jive Mini Pods have a 32 feet (10 meters) range. It comes in multiple different colors so you can pick out your favorites.


Here are some key features that make people love Jive Mini Earbud:

·       Light Weight

·       30 Hour Charge

·       Noise Reduction Technology

·       Easy Bluetooth Connection

·       Great Sound Quality

·       Long Range

·       Waterproof and Sweat Proof

·       Comfortable to Wear


How Jive Mini Pods Work:

Jive Earbuds are easy to use. They connect to ANY type of phone quickly as long as you have Bluetooth enabled. You can use your phone to see how much battery is left. Most Jive Mini Pods will come fully charge so you won’t have to worry about charging them for a while. Once connected to your phone you can play around with how the pause, skip and volume work on the headphones with just tapping. Soon you will be jamming around the house listening to music. You won’t go back to the regular blocky headphones epically since they are so light and can go anywhere with you.


How To Get The Best Price:

For limited time the website is offering 70% off on your first purchase! The offer won’t last long since the demand is high. Don’t miss out because once they run out the Jive Mini Earbuds price will go back to the original price. You won’t find a price any lower for the mini wireless earbuds. Click on the image order yours now. Be surprise on how much you love them and use them.

Where To Buy Jive Earbuds

Tap on the image that says order now after the first paragraph. The image will bring you to the Jive Mini Pods Website to order before they sell out. This is where you can get best and lowest Jive Mini Pods price! See why Jive Mini Pods are better than Air Pods or any other wireless earbuds out there. Order yours NOW!