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Sphero R2D2 Review

In our Sphero R2D2 Review, we’ll take a look at Sphero’s minature Star Wars droids, their specs, features, and what users are saying!

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Tile Pro Tracker

In our Tile Pro Tracker review, we’ll tell you everyhting you need to know about this device, its specs, how it works, and what users are saying!

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Best TV Brands

In our Best TV Brands guide, we take a look at the biggest and the best companies to see which ones are at the top of their game!

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Abenson Gadgets

In our Abenson Gadgets guide, we’ll tell you about this company based in the Philippines and what they can offer you! Check it out!

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Think about all the tech you use in a given day–it’s impressive! But those products don’t just magically appear in your pocket. You have to go out and buy them. Those choices are heavily impacted by advertising and marketing…not all of which is exactly honest.


Our goal here at Electronics-Pluz.com is to give our readers a resource in cutting through all the bull. Our experts review the latest tech gadgets fairly and without bias. If the gadget, software or tech has a problem, we’ll talk about it. If it’s problem free, then there’s probably a problem we missed along the way. 


But reviews are just the start. Electronics Pluz is home to some of the best tech and electronics guides available online. Whether you’re trying to install windows via a flashdrive, or you want to program your first raspberry pi, we have guides available to help you through it. Better yet, our guides are written with the everyday person in mind–no confusing jargon or lingo here.


But maybe you’re here because you love to read about the best and coolest gadgets, gizmos and electronics. We have an entire team dedicated to bringing you our famous “Best of” lists. Looking for the best gadgets of 2018? How about the best crypto software? Best drones? The list goes on. 


But most importantly, we want our readers to see Electronics-Pluz.com as a hub for honest critiques and criticisms of products. We want you to enjoy the best tech, and we’ll do everything we can to get you there.